Biodynamics  markets the world's most advanced greenhouse technology at the best prices. We are an exclusive distributor and builder of state-of-the-art greenhouses in the United States. 

Hydroponic Greenhouses
The  Biodynamics  Greenhouse Division enables the company to offer Hydroponic Greenhouseservices as a specialist in wholesale greenhouse controlled environment agriculture (CEA) services.  Biodynamics  is an installer of high density hydroponic greenhouses, grow rooms, and computer controlled irrigation systems for residential, commercial and institutional applications. From the beginning, Biodynamics systems have utilized solar and wind technology to keep energy bills low.

Through its greenhouse operations,  Biodynamics  provides Consulting, Project Management, Construction, System Installation and Maintenance Services for commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, residential, mobile and specialty applications using state-of-the-art technologies and processes.

 Biodynamics  provides supplies and equipment for professional commercial growers growing hydroponic crops. Biodynamics commercial hydroponic greenhouse systems protect crops from environmental elements, allowing year-round production.  Biodynamics  Greenhouse Division services include:

  • Existing Greenhouses for Retrofitting
  • New Construction – Restaurants, Farms, Commercial Growers, Colleges & Universities, High Schools, Correctional Facilities
  • Greenhouse Operations & Maintenance
  • Greenhouse Equipment & Supplies