Biodynamics , Inc. has four divisions:  Greenhouse  Lighting  Hydroponics  Energy

Hydroponic Greenhouses

 Biodynamics  Commercial Hydroponic Greenhouse Division offers many different sizes of greenhouse products.  Biodynamics  is an authority on greenhouse controlled environment agriculture (CEA) services. Our company is an installer of high density hydroponic, greenhouses, grow rooms, and computer controlled irrigation systems for residential, commercial and institutional applications.  Biodynamics  systems utilize solar, wind and CHP Co-Generation technology to reduce energy bills and carbon imitations.

Through our greenhouse operations, we provide consultancy, project management, construction, system installation and maintenance services for commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, residential, mobile and specialty applications using state-of-the-art technologies and processes.

 Biodynamics  provides supplies and equipment for professional commercial growers growing hydroponic crops.  Biodynamics  commercial hydroponic greenhouse systems protect crops from environmental elements, allowing year-round production.  Biodynamics  Greenhouse Division services include:

  • Existing Greenhouses for Retrofitting
  • New Construction – Restaurants, Farms, Commercial Growers, Colleges & Universities, High Schools, Correctional Facilities
  • Greenhouse Operations & Maintenance
  • Greenhouse Equipment & Supplies

The biggest advantage of the hydroponic method is that crop yields are increased many times over those of conventional agriculture.  Biodynamics  has been able refine its greenhouse operations to such a degree that, once the seedlings have been planted, almost all the work is done by automation. Delicate sensors in the gravel “decide” when the plants need more solution and turn on pumps which meter out the correct dosage. Lighting, heating and ventilation controls provide for a year-round growing environment. We support growers looking to make a profit using a complete hydroponic system for growing produce.


 Biodynamics  markets the industry's most advanced Agriculture lighting technology at the best prices. The company is an exclusive distributor for leading lighting companies, including iGrow, Lumigrow, Heliospectra, and BML.

Our Plant Lighting Systems include LED, HPS, HO Fluorescent Lighting, Replacement Lamps, and Electronic Ballasts.

 Biodynamics  is a specialist in light-emitting diode (LED) systems used in greenhouse installations, building retrofits and other lighting applications.


Hydroponics is our Commercial hydroponics retail operation featuring wide selection of hydroponics systems, hydroponic supplies, indoor plant lighting systems, environmental controllers, fertigation equipment and related systems for hobby and commercial growers. Browse our hydroponic gardening products selection featuring images and descriptions. We provide secure online ordering.


 Biodynamics  designs, installs, upgrades and maintains renewable energy power sources. Through our Renewable Energy Division, we sell solar, wind, CHP, hydroelectric and hydrogen fuel cell systems engineered for commercial, industrial, residential, mobile and specialty applications. We also provide a diverse line of water pumping, lighting, refrigeration, heating, humidification and other appliances geared for remote and alternatively powered needs.