DE Reflectors and Grow Light Fixtures

BioDynamics Hydroponics carries a wide selection of DE reflectors from Sun System, one of the leaders in grow light reflectors. DE Reflectors and bulbs provide longer life and more light than  SE reflectors and bulbs. Our DE reflectors from Sun System come in a variety of sizes and style for any of your growing needs.

Grow Better With The Best DE Reflectors

If you are looking to upgrade or expand your grow light setup, a DE grow light reflector from Sun System is the perfect option for you. The AC/DE Air-Cooled DE Reflector is considered one of the best in the industry for its ability to remove heat without cooling the lamp.We also carry popular DE reflectors from Agrotech, Adjust-A-Wings, Dominator, Gavita, and more! Order from our ready to ship stock and start getting better yields today!