About Us

Biodynamics LLC, Kent, Ohio, specializes in innovative renewable energy and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) business solutions in the U.S. market. Biodynamics provides Consultancy, Project Management, Construction, Equipment and Supplies, System Installation and Maintenance Services for commercial, institutional, educational, residential, and specialty applications using state-of-the-art technologies and processes.

As a leader in controlled environment agriculture business solutions, we are focused on hydroponic greenhouse crop production, and offer the best prices for the best products that are available for the hydroponics gardener and commercial grower.

Our mission:

  • Provide the best products available in the hydroponics industry and assist our customers with superior service in the growing of healthy pesticide and herbicide free organic plants.
  • Make self-sustaining gardening an integral part of homes and communities.
  • Provide customers with the best service possible while maintaining a comfortable, working relationship.
  • Give access to and share an abundance of hydroponic gardening knowledge.
  • Teach the proper use of the tools needed for success in hydroponic growing.
  • Help people create the gardens they have in mind.


Biodynamics is a founding member of the Cuyahoga Valley Greenhouse Growers Association (CVGGA), a not-for-profit association and business network of regional greenhouse growers who are committed to sustaining and growing the local economy, and restoring Northeast Ohio to pre-eminence as the “Greenhouse Capital of America.”

Focused on both sustainability and profitability, CVGGA is dedicated to propagating state-of-the-art new greenhouses to meet higher modern-day standards of energy conservation and “clean ‘n green” technology (such as soilless hydroponics).  CVGGA works through a collaborative process of sharing resources and knowledge.  Members help identify solutions to common technical and business problems to help continue improving greenhouse technology and the association.

CVGGA greenhouse growers commit to the following principles:

  • Marketing only the highest quality plants and produce possible under the CVGGA logo.
  • Increasing demand through awareness and preference for quality, locally grown products from regional growers.
  • Improving grower efficiency and profits through joint problem solving and networking to share best practices and resources.
  • Growing the local economy by supporting new businesses that can supply CVGGA’s Northeast Ohio greenhouse network.
  • The CVGGA will assist in purchasing and marketing its greenhouse vegetable crops under the brand name “Cuyahoga Valley Naturals.”

Biodynamics Foundation

Biodynamics Foundation is a non-profit organization, engaged as part of a grassroots movement to support sustainable agriculture by working with local schools, universities, foodbanks and other non-profits to enrich the community by introducing a more efficient, environmentally-conscious method of producing food locally.

Biodynamics Foundation is also dedicated to providing hydroponic greenhouse technology and educational curriculum to communities in need worldwide.

With the success of its pilot programs in Northeast Ohio, the organization has expanded its scope nationally and abroad placing sustainable greenhouses in communities suffering from hunger and malnutrition as a result of endemic poverty and food insecurity.

A community will not be able to thrive without basic needs being met. Biodynamics Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals suffering from food insecurity worldwide.