About Us

Biodynamics CEA, Inc. specializes in innovative renewable energy and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) business solutions in the U.S. market, providing Consultancy, Project Management, Construction, System Installation and Maintenance Services for commercial, institutional, educational, residential, and specialty applications using state-of-the-art technologies and processes.

Biodynamics is a leader in controlled environment agriculture business solutions, and is focused on hydroponic greenhouse crop production.

Biodynamics provides consulting, construction services, equipment and supplies for professional commercial growers

Biodynamics offers the best prices for the best products that are available for the hydroponics gardener and commercial grower.

  • Provide the best products available in the hydroponics industry and assist our customers with superior service in the growing of healthy pesticide and herbicide free organic plants.
  • Make self-sustaining gardening an integral part of homes and communities.
  • Provide customers with the best service possible while maintaining a comfortable, working relationship.
  • Give access to and share an abundance of hydroponic gardening knowledge.
  • Teach the proper use of the tools needed for success in hydroponic growing.
  • Help people create the gardens they have in mind.